I love book clubs! I have been a member of the same book club for decades.

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Here’s a guest post I wrote to give you some ideas about how to do a fun book club meeting for The Lines Between Us.


Book Club Discussion Guide

I’ve come up with some questions that you might want to use to get your discussion started. Spoiler alert! These questions assume that you have read the book. Enjoy your meeting!


1. Which of the three main characters, Ana, Juliana, or Rachel, did you think were the most completely portrayed? Which character spoke to you the most?

2. What did Emilio gain by keeping his journal? How did reading his journal affect Ana?

3. Why was Sebastián so obsessed with honor?

4. Juliana saw entering the convent as her only option. Can you think of anything else she could have done in that time and place?

5. Juliana referred to the convent as “restraint as well as refuge.” Which aspect played the larger role?

6. How did you view Rachel’s reactions to the papers?

7. How do you imagine Ana’s life in the years after Juliana’s disappearance?

8. At times Juliana expresses doubts about God. How common do you think these doubts might have been in that time and place?

9. Juliana wonders whether her descendants “will find it strange that there was a time when men were so violent against women, and that women were blamed for it.” What would she think about the world that Rachel lives in?

10. How did you react to the information of Juliana’s mother’s refusal to give in to the demand of the inquisitors to “confess,” which would have gotten her a much lighter sentence?

11. Was Mercedes’ anger and revenge justified?

12. How does Juliana change over the course of the novel? How does Rachel change?

13. How did the letters from Juliana’s descendants affect your reaction to the novel?

14. How are women, and the choices they face, portrayed?

15. What part does the theme of family secrets play in the novel? Was it an important aspect for you?

16. What did you think about the use of a dual timeline? Did Rachel’s story enhance the novel for you?

17. How is the book the same or different from other historical fiction novels you have read?

18. Would you have structured the book differently?

19. What might you wish to see added to the book? What might you have left out?

20. In our age of transient electronic communication, did the novel make you think about what your descendants will be able to know about you?